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How much medication
should Ali receive? 

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Here's why it matters

According to the World Health Organization, medication errors cause at least one death every day and injure approximately 1.3 million people annually in the United States of America alone.

Realize that even the most seemingly benign circumstances, such as giving a patient a medication sample, can easily have negative effects on a patient's health if the dosage is inaccurate.

Practicing dosage calculations regularly and meaningfully helps students adhere to medication safety guidelines and prevent medication errors.

Here's a solution

Traditionally, students encounter medication dosage calculation problems presented in numerical expressions or word problems. In Ali's Story Challenge, students must apply their dosage calculation skills in an interactive scenario, allowing them to experience how the chain of events may occur in the real world.

Solve Ali's Story Challenge to test your dosage calculation skills!
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Congratulations on completing one of several activities in our Medication Dosage Calculations course. Did you do well with the activity? If not, don't worry! You'll master the necessary skills quickly when you complete the lessons in the full course. 

The step-by-step lessons and activities will help you:

  • Convert fractions to decimals and round decimals.
  • Perform various unit conversions.
  • Analyze scenarios and extract essential information.
  • Solve various dosage calculation problems using dimensional analysis.
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