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Physician's Mechanical Beam Scale


Practice reading the weight indicated on a physician's mechanical beam scale with this virtual training tool.


  1. Set the large and small poise weights anywhere along the balance beam.
  2. State the weight aloud.
  3. Select REVEAL WEIGHT to confirm your accuracy.
  4. Select RESET to continue practicing.

Tip: To enlarge the view of the scale, use your browser's zoom controls.
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Congratulations on completing one of several activities in our Determining Weight Measurements course. Did you do well with the activity? If not, don't worry! You'll master the necessary skills quickly when you complete the lessons in the full course. 

The step-by-step lessons and activities will help you:

  • Discover the components of a Physician's Mechanical Beam Scale.
  • Check for calibration and interpret the rise and fall of the balance beam.
  • Align the large and small poise weights with calibration markings while the patient is on the scale.
  • Interpret the calibration markings and calculate the patient's weight.
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