Determining Blood Pressure Readings

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Are you searching for
answers to these questions?

How do I read a blood pressure dial?
What sounds do I need to pay attention to?
What numbers should I document?

If so, this course is for you.

Don't Worry. This course is not about learning the ENTIRE subject of blood pressure. Instead, this course targets specific skills that many beginning students find challenging—observing the dial and listening to Korotkoff sounds to determine blood pressure readings.

What You’ll Learn

Here are the new skills you’ll unlock after completing this course.


Reading the Sphygmomanometer Dial

You will interpret the values of the indicator lines based on the indicator needle's position on the blood pressure dial.


Listening to Korotkoff Sounds

You will identify the systolic and diastolic pressure sounds in various blood pressure simulations and recognize proper documentation. 

Determining Blood Pressure Readings

You will coordinate listening to Korotkoff sounds with identifying dial values to determine blood pressure readings.

Course Activities

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I am currently in EMT school and have been having trouble with BP, this has really helped me learn what to listen for.


I was finally able to figure out what I am supposed to pay attention to.


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