Determining Height Measurements

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Are you searching for
answers to these questions?

How do I measure a person's height using the
physician's scale height rod attachment?
How do I determine a patient's height using rods
that have feet and inches, or ones that only have inches?
How do I convert inches to feet and inches?

If so, this course is for you.

Don't Worry. This course is not about learning the ENTIRE subject of body measurements. Instead, this course targets one specific skill that many beginning students find challenging—reading the height rod on a physician's mechanical beam scale to determine a person's height measurement.

What You’ll Learn

Discover the new skills you’ll unlock after completing this course.


Height Rod Functionality 

You will identify the parts of the height rod and correct placement of the parts to determine a person's height. 

Interpreting Markings

You will interpret the marks on the lower and upper rod and recognize how they differ from each other. 

Height Measurements

You will determine various height measurements by reading height rods correctly and learn how to calculate height measurements quickly.

Course Activities

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Now I am so confident with taking heights accurately.


My students really enjoyed it and did very well on the competencies as a result. Thank you so very much!


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