Math Essentials for Medication Dosage Calculations

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Are you searching for
answers to these questions?

How do I solve medication dosage calculation problems?
Is there a simple, step-by-step process that I can follow?
In addition to dosage calculations, is there a math refresher that I can take to help boost my skills so I can solve the problems faster?

If so, this course is for you.

Don't Worry. This course is not about learning medication types or solving EVERY type of drug calculation problem in existence. Instead, this course targets one specific topic that many beginning students find challenging—solving medication dosage calculation problems that require unit conversions. This course is jam-packed with hands-on activities that gradually build your skills from novice to mastery. Here's one of many examples of the types of medication dosage calculation problems you'll be able to solve with ease and confidence as a result of taking this course:

What You’ll Learn

Discover the new skills you’ll unlock after completing this course.


Math Skills Refresher

You will learn simple methods for converting fractions to decimals, rounding decimals, and performing unit conversions using dimensional analysis.

Word Problems and Scenarios Made Easy

You will examine various types of dosage calculation scenarios and word problems and learn to spot key information quickly so you can solve problems faster. 

Medication Dosage Calculations

You will learn how to setup the math problems logically and organize information into a easy-to-follow workflow, helping you to solve a variety of medication dosage calculation problems with confidence. 

Course Activities

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I was nervous at first but after doing the activities, I am more confident than ever!


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