Reading Thermometers

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Are you searching for
answers to these questions?

What are some common types of

disposable and reusable thermometers?
How do I read glass, disposable, and
other non-digital thermometers?
What do the color-changing lines and dots mean
on the different types of thermometers?

If so, this course is for you.

Don't Worry. This course is not about learning the ENTIRE process of how to measure body temperature. Instead, this course targets one specific skill that many beginning students find challenging—reading thermometers. In this course, you will learn how to read glass thermometers, single-use temperature indicator strips, and liquid crystal thermometers to determine a patient's body temperature.

What You’ll Learn

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Body Temperature Review

You will recognize why temperature is a primary vital sign. 

Types of Thermometers

You will discover several types of thermometers, including digital and non-digital options.

Reading Thermometers

You will learn how to read various types of non-digital thermometers, including glass, liquid crystal, and single-use disposable thermometers.

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