Healthcare worker holding a syringe.

Here's why it matters

Syringes can vary in size depending on their intended use. Students learning about syringes often seek answers to the following questions:

  • Do all of the small lines on different types of syringes have the same value?
  • How can I determine the amount of medication in a syringe?
  • Is there a simple way to read them?

Any assumption or confusion about the quantity of medication contained within a syringe places the patient's health and safety at risk. Students must know how to read syringes accurately to administer the correct dosage to patients and avoid medication errors. 

Here's an opportunity

The Draw 8 mini-game presents a fun way for students to confirm their ability to read syringes of various sizes. Play Draw 8 to test your skills! 

Keep going!

Congratulations on completing one of several activities in our Reading Syringes module. Did you do well with the activity? If not, don't worry! You'll master the necessary skills quickly as you complete the lessons in the module. 

The step-by-step lessons and engaging activities will help you: 

  • Read U-100, 1 mL/cc, 3 mL/cc, 5 mL/cc syringes
  • Learn a process for determining the line values on various types of syringes
  • Draw the correct amount of medication into syringes
  • Develop speed with reading syringes so you can measure the amount of medication quickly

You can find the Reading Syringes module and others in our flagship course—The Ultimate Head Start in Healthcare Career Training.

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