Collage of different types of thermometers.

Here's why it matters

In a healthcare setting, thermometer selection depends on several factors, such as:

  • availability and practicality
  • type of medical facility or unit
  • screening (rapid results) versus monitoring (continuous results)
  • patient contact versus non-contact
  • measuring core temperature (internal organs) versus surface temperature (skin)

Since reading the temperature on a digital thermometer is straightforward, students should also know how to read non-digital thermometers to determine patients' body temperature. 

Here's your opportunity

Take a moment to have a little fun validating (or guessing while developing) your thermometer-reading mastery with the following types of thermometers: 

  • Mercury-Free Glass Thermometers
  • Disposable/Single-Use Temperature Indicator Strips
  • Liquid Crystal Thermometers

Play the TempTime game to test your skills! 

Keep going!

Congratulations on completing one of several activities in our Reading Thermometers module. Did you do well with the activity? If not, don't worry! You'll master the necessary skills quickly as you complete the lessons in the module. 

The step-by-step lessons and engaging activities will help you: 

  • Read two types of single-use temperature indicator strips
  • Read three types of liquid crystal thermometers
  • Read glass thermometers such as a mercury-free glass thermometer
  • Develop speed with reading the temperature on various non-digital thermometers

You can find the Reading Thermometers module and others in our flagship course—The Ultimate Head Start in Healthcare Career Training.

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