How to use the virtual thermometer

  1. Drag the slider to increase and decrease the temperature on the thermometer.
  2. Observe the temperature readings and evaluate the values of the lines. 
  3. To test your ability to read the thermometer:
  4. Select HIDE ANSWER
  5. Set the slider to any position on the thermometer
  6. State the temperature aloud
  7. Select SHOW ANSWER to confirm your accuracy 

Keep going!

While learning through lectures and readings is beneficial, sometimes the best learning strategy is to tinker and experiment with interactions and simulations. With this virtual tool:

  • Students learn how to read thermometers simply by experimenting with the slider and observing its impact. 
  • Educators foster student engagement and participation by presenting this tool during web lectures or in the classroom using a digital projector.

You can find this and other virtual tools in our flagship course—The Ultimate Head Start in Healthcare Career Training.

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