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The quality of your healthcare career training program is crucial to your success. Supercharge your foundational training and learn essential healthcare skills quickly with our time-saving supplemental courses and resources strategically designed to accelerate learning and build confidence. Get started today!
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Courses designed for real-world success

Are you here because traditional instruction or other resources aren't meeting your needs? We understand. The last thing you want is to waste time sifting through a sea of lengthy boring content that doesn't help. Don't worry. We focus on quality, not fluff. Our interactive courses offer targeted, hands-on practice activities, progressively guiding you from novice to mastery. 


Stay engaged and motivated

We produce courses with a variety of media and activities to amplify your learning experience and keep you engaged until the very end. Here are a few of our most notable course features.

Multimedia Videos

View the audio-narrated presentations, demonstrations, and animations to enhance your understanding of the content along your learning path.

Graphics and Infographics

Explore visual content to aid your understanding of complex topics, making them more digestible and memorable.

Games, Activities, and Assessments

Enjoy interactive hands-on practice in a safe learning environment with immediate feedback. Have fun as you assess your understanding and retention of the material. 

Certificates of Completion

Let others know about the skills and knowledge you've gained. On successful course completion, you'll receive a certificate validating your achievement. 
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Power-packed resources for students and faculty

Whether you're practicing for a skills evaluation or helping others learn a new concept, our resources are an invaluable companion. Each resource is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your training plans, enhancing your overall experience and success. Explore our collection of resources today!

For Students

Our student resources include helpful articles, study guides, practice quizzes, and simulations to enhance your grasp of key concepts.

For Faculty

Our faculty resources include presentation templates, live lecture participation tools and activities, and strategies for designing engaging lessons.

Explore a few of our interactive resources

screenshot of the 3 mL syringe interaction

3 mL Syringe

Practice reading a 3 mL syringe with this virtual training tool. Adjust the amount of medication in the syringe and learn through experimentation!

screenshot of the speed dial game

The 'Speed Dial' Game

Do you want to improve your dial reading speed? Play the Speed Dial game to improve your speed, accuracy, and confidence with identifying line values on a sphygmomanometer dial. 

screenshot of the glass thermometer interaction

Glass Thermometer 

Practice reading a glass thermometer with this virtual training tool. Adjust the temperature, then hide and reveal the answers to test your skills. 

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the courses and resources?

As a subscriber, you have unlimited access to all courses and resources during your subscription period—across any and all devices you own.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at anytime. You will continue to have access to all courses and resources until your subscription period ends. Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel it.

When do the courses start and finish?

All courses are completely self-paced online courses—you decide when you start and when you finish.

You're in great company

Our diverse group of learners span many career training programs and disciplines, including Nursing Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Emergency Medical Technicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, Medical Assistants, Nutritionists, Registered Nurses, Exercise and Sports Science, Health Promotion, Health Sciences, and more!

What our learners say  

I totally love the way the training and assessments are done...easy to learn!

- Ericka
I take my Intro to Healthcare final in a week, and this has helped tremendously. You are a lifesaver.

- Madison
I am an Instructor for MA, Phlebotomy and EKG Tech. This is extremely helpful for online teaching.

- Alexa
Wowww thank you so much! I’m a novice nurse, and this was absolutely helpful.

- Annick B.

I am a health science instructor for a high school. We need more online training such as this and I can't wait to show my CTE director!

- Tracie
Wow, my goodness, this type of teaching is the best of best. I am so impressed and happy about the whole learning process.

- Grace

We spent hours and hours reading out of the textbook in class and I felt so unprepared for the real world. You really did a great job and I appreciate the little tests.

- Lisa
I finished CNA class today and start clinicals in the morning. I feel so much better now.

- Malaci

I couldn't understand anything from class, but you make it very, very easy for me. The things that I could not understand for a whole month, now I understand it within minutes. Thank you so much!

- Tamara
These are phenomenal tools! Thank you!

- Sheronda K.
It is easy to follow, interactive, and gives you the space to practice.

- Carla
So we’ll explained! Thanks so much! I was having such a hard time trying to do it correctly. So grateful!

- Martha R.


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